Photography by Rich Gordon

What I do . . . .

I am a photographer as well as an abstract expressionist painter.  I respect the efforts of all painters and photographers,  however as far my work is concerned, I believe the photographer and the camera are there to reflect and capture reality and reveal it at its best.  Photography is also well adapted by bending reality and creating a mood pr emphasizing an aspect of reality.  Since the advent of the camera well over 150 years ago nothing can capture reality and the way things "are" better than a camera.
Painting on the other hand has often become more valued for creating what never existed.  And yet by creating what never existed it can still be about creating a feeling, mood or an interpretation.  This is what I try do with my paintings. At their simplest, my paintings are about creating colors, shapes visual images that are interesting to look at and add some pop and highlights to a room!   And capturing things as they are is what I do with my camera!

The Art of Rich Gordon can be found in galleries around the St. Louis, Missouri area including Stone Soup Gallery, Grafica Fine Arts and in The Art Factory in Overland Park, Kansas.